Letters To The Editor – October 2017

“I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I enjoyed the first issue of Balloon Professionals Magazine!  I thought it was a wonderful resource for balloon pros that acknowledged all areas of balloons. Great job on making an all-inclusive magazine for the industry!”
Angela Andress, CBA
Young at Heart Balloon Art – Denver, Colorado
BPM – Thanks so much! I’m very glad you felt this way about our first outing. I hope we can continue making you this happy as the magazine progresses.
“I was disappointed. Way too much advertising, not a lot of business content.”
Debbie Medrano
Balloons and More – San Diego, California
BPM – I’m sorry you were disappointed, but I guess we need more understanding of what you personally define as “business content”. Each article certainly included a business-oriented perspective, but my guess is you were hoping for more marketing-related content, so we’ll see if we can improve on that in this and future editions. As for the ads…well, you did buy a magazine…not a book.
“We found one of the pictures on page 30 to be offensive and suggestive.  Though we are probably more prudish than most of your readers, it made us feel like we couldn’t leave the magazine lying around where just anyone could see it.  We’re always proud to show off the work of our fellow artists, but this issue will stay in our workroom.”
Debby and Judy Levi
Inflated Creations – Passaic, New Jersey
BPM – I do agree that the photo was suggestive, but it was part of a balloon bikini calendar and was a reflection on the project being discussed in the article. However, we will consider this for future editions. 

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