Simple Elegance Centerpiece

The Design Corner with Nadia Azar, CBA
Balloontastic Creations - Rockaway, New Jersey, USA

1/2 of One (1) 4” Styrofoam Ball
One (1) 6”x6” Ceramic Tile
One (1) Feather Boa
One (1) Large Gold Bow
Six (6) Decorative Paper Flowers
Eight (8) 5” Gold Balloons
One (1) Happy Anniversary Bubble Balloon
Eight (8) 5” Clear Filigree Balloons
Two (2) Gold 260Q Balloons
5’ of 1/4” Aluminum Tubing
1/4” Floral Vine Ribbon

Step One

Place your tile upside down so the textured surface is away from the surface of the table. Take your aluminum tubing and create a curl shape on one end. Place the curl portion flat onto the tile and glue i...

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